Hiss and hum on overall quality capture

When capturing via microphone amps can be very noisy, specially class A amps give the full blast and can only be tamed by pre amp level, I want to know if it has any effect on the quality of the capture, I don’t hear any hiss or hum in the capture but can it somehow degrade the quality of the capture overall, sometimes I do a capture with 2 microphones, only input 1 shows in the start to capture window, I sense 2 mics are being captured but not sure, I set the level differences swiping down input output window, maybe someone can clear the procedure in order to have the level differences between the microphones taken over in the capture, how about 2 inputs in capture screen, thanks in advance.

If you want to use multiple mics you’ll need a separate submixer or similar - QC will only take one input for capture

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I have not found it to degrade the capture quality, the process seems to filter out most unwanted noise/hiss/buzz, etc.