Capturing Process

A few points have come up about capturing process, specifically with regard to capturing amp and cab together, and I’d welcome any feedback from users or from Neural.

  1. The capture output makes the amp sound louder than it is going straight in with my guitar. Is it meant to be like this? I have tried to mitigate this by using manual settings and lowering guitar input.
  2. After the noises there is a long silent processing section. I get bored during this and just strum away. I presume this is having no effect on the QC’s calculations but would like to know for sure?
  3. I think an option to mute output to reference amp would be useful when comparing the Capture with the Reference.
  4. How important is mic placement in capturing an amp? Do I need to close mic or could I mic from distance ?
  5. Is there an option to delete captures from ‘my captures’?