HELP - Stand Alone Latency

Where and what are the proper settings to not have latency when using the Soldano SLO-100 standalone plugin through PC speakers? The headphones are fine. Through speakers, there is latency. There is no option to lower the sample rate in the SLO-100 settings from 48000 Hz to 44100 Hz. Is it because I’m using PC speakers and no monitors are hooked up to my Focusrite audio interface? If I hooked up monitors to the Focusrite, would there still be latency? Thanks!

From your situation I believe there could be latency introduced by using speakers that are not connected to your interface. Is there any reason you aren’t using your speakers through your interface?

I am purely guessing here, but having your signal pass through the interface, have it go through the plugin, then out to your speakers through another audio program (probably realtek or another windows audio device) would probably cause some latency rather than going through the Focusrite itself. If you would like to lower the sample rate of your interface, you may do so via Focusrite Control, but I am not sure if this would help your problem.

Also for the future, submitting a ticket directly to Neural DSP at is generally the best way to receive help regarding these issues.

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