QC stopped working OUTPUTS 3/4

I went to play today and got no outputs from 3/4
tested all the cables, its working (with my power cab and my speakers monitor)
When i crank the output, it send in a VERY low volume

Dont know what happened
already factory reseted the quad and nothing

XLR outputs and headphones works fine

what can i do?

I’m from brazil, sorry for bad english

EDIT: if i connect the amp to the headphone out, it works fine

Is your main volume knob on 100%? Otherwise, it would appear that whatever you are connecting to for monitors via 3/4 might have changed? Have you tried a stock preset as well?

If XLR/headphones work as stated above, I would believe you must have an issue with the connection to OUT3/4. Try setting a grid line to Multi Out and see if there is any difference. If you are unable to determine the source of the issue, please email support@neuraldsp.com and they will get you sorted quickly.

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yes, the main volume knob is always 100%
already tried stock presets

already send to multi out, still the same issue

emailed, them, thanks

but i’m from brazil, i dont know how we we solve this

Hopefully support can walk you through everything to determine what the resolution is.

I had behaviour like this when I tried to power the QC with a PSU that didnt have enough current.

Does it still happen when using the supplied PSU?


Have you checked your level for ‘Out 3/4’ using the ‘I/O Settings’ grid (swipe down from main screen)? Also check your input level.

Have you tried swapping out your cables and guitar?

If you are using a powered monitor, swap it out as well. It may be beginning to fail. And, of course, make sure the volume on it is set properly.

I was using an aftermarket power supply!
The original works just fine
Thanks for the replies!


Please tell us which power supply so we can avoid it