Heads up for standby mode on Green Power outlet

I am currently using a green power outlet strip with my QC and monitor. You know, one of those outlets where when current is drawn from the “control” outlet, it allows current to flow to the rest of the outlets. These types of outlet strips are very helpful for preventing the leaving on of equipment unintentionally (hence the “green” reference), by not allowing you to, for example, turn off your QC but leave your monitor on. Especially monitors like mine, that don’t have an easily visible power indicator on the top or front. I have my QC in the control outlet, and the monitor in one of the outlets downstream. When I shut down the QC, my monitor shuts down as well. When I turn on the QC, the monitor turns on too.

Anyway, to the point. If I put the QC into “Standby” mode, the QC power supply still draws enough current to leave the rest of the outlets on the strip powered. That means that even if my QC is in standby, my monitor is still on. So, I have to actually shut down the QC to stop the power to the rest of the outlets on the strip. Just a heads up to anyone who uses these outlet strips and has dabbled with standby mode. Your powered monitor is probably still on!

Standby just turns off the screen and outputs - its not using much less power and will still get warm

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