What gives

Just a general question. Will we ever see a desk top editor… Ever ?? At lease give us the ability to rename blocks in hybrid mode. Something, please.

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The same gripe is in other threads in this forum… No need to create a new one. We’re all feeling it.


I don’t think that anything has happened since NAM Show. It could very well be Christmas before the Editor is out. I joked about that a few months back but now it really looks like that is the case. I have lost confidence in their ability to stay up with the competition. I am not saying it is a lousy device. I am talking about timely updates and development going forward. So I bought a new pedalboard and am having fun with that nowadays.


Other than what has been posted for QC development updates, there is no other timeframes that have been announced. The latest (July 4th) update indicated:

There are no significant updates this month. The team is working hard on plugin compatibility, Cortex Control, and CorOS 2.1.0. Beta testing for CorOS 2.1.0 should begin in the coming weeks, which will lead to us announcing our plans for the open beta of Cortex Control.