Hard reset button requested

I am proposing to add a hard reset button to the device.
The reason is that my brand new QC got hanging in a cycle during power on and a restart was no more possible. All lights were blinking on and off and the display kept dark. To plug the power cable off and on didn’t help. As no hard reset button is provided, I was lost and I am still lost, waiting for a return and replacement delivery.

Did you find a fix . My cortex is dooing the same .kind regards anders

Hi andershenrik, no I did not find a fix. There was no other way than opening a support ticket and sending the QC back. The support provided quickly a replacement unit which is now working correctly so far.
Regards Wolfgang.

Hi wolfgang.
Thank you for your answer And good luck :innocent:
Kind regards anders

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You don’t quite seem to know what a “hard reset” button does. If cutting the power and restart doesn’t do the job there is no way any reset button could do better…

pulling the plug out and putting it back in is kinda the ULTIMATE hard reset

I’m interested by this error. I have been trying to power the QC with a hi-wattage battery pack and a mission 529M. I get the behaviour you described - all the LEDs blink, the screen goes blank. The unit works fine with the original PSU and a linear supply and a PD charger through the 529. It seems that the battery must be the culprit, although it easily supplies 80W to a laptop.

Anyway, I have a similar problem but the QC doesn’t appear to be faulty.

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