Failure to Power On

CorOS Version: 1.4.0

Describe your issue:
After recently updating to CorOS 1.4.0, I powered on the QC and was met with a red screen. There were two options, the second of which was to restart. Because I needed to perform imminently I selected “Restart”. Now my QC will not power on. I don’t even make it to the splash screen to perform a factory reset by holding A & H down. All that happens is the LEDs flash on and off.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? What was the cause / solution?

Thankfully, my G.A.S. has led me to purchase backup equipment for just such an occasion. Maybe we’re starting to see the beginnings of hardware failure. I REALLY want to continue to use my QC and be and advocate for this tool.


Steps to reproduce your issue:

  1. Turn on QC
  2. Watch LEDs blink for eternity

I expected this to happen:
When I plugged it in, I expected it to work as usual.

I have tried the following things:

  • Unplugging and re-inserting power supply.
  • Holding A & H to perform a factory reset.
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Hi @Rekt and sorry that you are having issues powering the QC. NDSP Support is your only getting this resolved so please open a ticket with ASAP and good luck.