Happy with th QC

Used my QC as a pedalboard into my Brunetti Mercury, and my Brunetti Pleximan, yesterday and wow that is great!
This is what I been looking fore for a long time.
Great to use when recording and great to use as a pedalboard.
I have captured my favorite pedals from my late pedalboard. The King Tone Duellist, The Sinvertek No5 and The Ultra Wave. That is what makes it so much better then the Helix which I battled with for two years to get a good tone.

I’m a happy boy!


Hi ! Very rare to see someone using Brunetti amps, I had both versions of the maranello. How do you compare the Mercury and the Pleximan?
Can you check my captures of the Mercury OD pedal and tell me how close it is from the Mercury amp?

Great to hear!
I have downloaded your Mercury OD capture, but I haven’t compared it to the actual amps.
But I will do that and let you know! Though it sounds great!
The Mercury and Pleximan is comparable! But as the Mercury has two full channels the Pleximan is only useful on one channel. I like the sound better from the Pleximan but that is a choice of mine. Both is a harder version of the Marshall sound. That I like! Much clearer!

I got a Maranello as well the older version. The best overdrive sound I ever heard!

Love the Brunetti sound! Hope more people will use it in the future!

I’m happy to see positive QC threads. I love mine as well. I captured my Engl amp and then sold it. The QC is much easier on my back. :slight_smile:


Also happy with the QC. I came directly from the world of real amps. Typically, I would shop for a year, and then have a daily driver for 10 years. This has worked out nicely with the QC as two of those amps are emulated to perfection in the unit. When I have time to go down a tone rabbit-hole there are plenty of toys for me as well. But Job 1 – having a great sounding amp day-in and day-out is why I’m here.

Also, its been about a year and I haven’t had any reverb pans go south, preamp tubes short out or shelled out for matched pairs of 6L6s, so I win!

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Great! Let me know! Cheers.

Hello Dude, did you compared the Mercury OD and the amp? :metal::wink: cheers!

Hi, I think it sounds great. Haven’t made any A-B comparison.
But in my ears it sounds as close as it should!