Some QC praise

Just used the QC for three gigs in a row. Two in small venues, one on the mainstage at a festival.
All the sound engineers complimented the quality of the DI signal and how good it sounds.
At the festival today the FOH engineer stopped us playing in soundcheck to say “that pedal sounds f***ing incredible!”.

We are using the stock amp models and some free IRs, with two guitarists going through one QC.

Absolutely happy as hell with the pedal and very reassured that switching to it from valve amps was the right decision.


Excellent! Great to hear!


similar experience here. portable, easy to use, and sounds great!


Same with me at most gigs. And often venues patrons are shocked and in disbelief to see I have no amp.


Same here. I get double takes all the time and I’ve yet to not get compliments on the quality of tone and DI to FOH. It’s so good I might get a second as a back up. Haha


I was honestly expecting to get some suggestions, like “It’s good, but you might need to adjust…” etc., but no.

Bumping this one back up as the QC smashed it again this weekend.

Was also cool to see both the band before and after us also using a QC, plus there was one on a guitar-demo stand at the festival, and no doubt many more with other bands.

It’s just good to see the negativity that prevails here sometimes is not that widespread in the real world. The QC looks to be doing very well and is becoming very widely used out there.


Yes, after some of the “bad press” you see here, it’s nice to read such positive reviews.

I’ve played five shows so far with my QC. I’m still looking forward to more evolved MIDI capabilities to give me quicker access to presets and stomp functions on the fly but I’m thoroughly enjoying the great sounds of this little beast.

Both of my stage electrics have Graphtech bridge saddles for simulated acoustic sounds. I’m running them through the same Maton IR that I used in my previous processor. It’s interesting how much more open and dimensional they sound through the QC. If I close my eyes, I sound just like Tommy Emmanuel…having a bad night.


Hahahahahaha! No, just Tommy Emmanuel 40 years ago… :wink:

Probably 60 years ago. I mean, I’m pretty good but, ya know…:laughing:

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Well, you both have 6 strings and 10 fingers! The possibilities are endless! :sunglasses::guitar::sunglasses:

Thanks for the pep-talk, B. I guess I’d better go practice. :wink:

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