Using the QC just for effects with a tube amp and cab

Hey have my QC arriving in two days. I bought it mostly for ease of use for gigging. I also just purchased a Friedman BE 100 deluxe half Stack head and cab that I use for our practice room. My question is does anyone use the QC as just their multi effects? Ultimately I’d like to capture my Friedman and use this for gigs I don’t load in my amp to. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I’m sure there are people that use it just as an effects pedal. I was like you. I captured my tube amp and now use my QC and nothing else. I love it and hope you have the same experience.

My Engl captures were so good I sold that amp. The other great part is that the QC is always evolving and new amps/effects will keep being added.

QC might be overkill for a pedalboard replacement. Limited effects and not enough switches might also be an issue. Perhaps an HX Effects would be a better option for that scenario. But I’m certain QC would work very well too.

Exactly what I may be doing, or using the QC as a switcher with a couple of other pedals, but substantially reducing my pedalboard size. Yeah, sounds like there is a lot of dissatisfaction with the pace of updates, but so far every demo I’ve heard sounds really good. Right now I have a Timeline, a Mobius and 2 H9’s on my large pedalboard, and I don’t use but a portion of all the effects on them. How many choices for delays, modulations and reverbs do I really want? I already can spend many hours trying to find ones I like on my existing pedals, and it really seems like most of the P&W, and Rock stuff I do use just a few “common” types of each. Hoping the QC will do all that by the time I get it, whenever that turns out to be!

I don’t fully understand the Hybrid mode stuff and need to, but not sure that will really impact the way I work, as I typically do presets for most songs or generic presets for types of songs - I have midi switchers on my 2 existing pedalboards because I don’t want to do the pedal dance, so I don’t see much use for me of the Stomp mode…

Look for 4CM but just use send and return on the QC, don’t use the way it is wired in the manual ( it’s shitty) otherwise it works and sounds perfectly.

Can you expand on the cabling here. How do you set it up?

Sorry for the late reply…





Ampsend>CABLE >QCreturn>


QCoutput>CABLE >Ampreturn>