Using QC as a pedalboard

I’m planning to only use overdrives and effects for my Brunetti Mercury stack. I’ve tried some settings, with no useable luck. The signal gets to weak or the string stop sustaining to fast. My overdrives sound like no defied tone just a thick signal. I get a dull result. I’ve tried the EQ to adjust with a little better result, but some frequency gets to high signal on one string and a good result on other.

Have anyone any suggestions for how to make this work?

Have to add that QC sound wonderful when using captures as amps and in recording!


Hi @dannepop , maybe watch this YT vid for some ideas on how to incorporate your amp with the QC for FX only etc. This is Pete’s primary method of using the QC lately for all his live gigs.

you connect via 4CM ? If so check the send level of the QC fxloop. Check the return level of the QC fxloop as well. Has your Brunetti has an adjustable effect loop return? If so level it to unity gain. I use this setting with a Mesa Mark V. QC fxloop send/return at 0dB. in 4 CM the QC out (I use TRS out) connects to the Mesa effect loop return which you can level adjust. I recognized that I must set the level a bit higher with the QC than with the analog setting. I use mainly my captured pedals and phaser pre amp input and modulation, reverb, delay post.

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Thanks I haven’t tried the 4CM. But then I’m new to QC.
I only put the effect to the input of the Brunetti.
Is there any preferable EQ settings to use?


Hi - ok, if you use the modulation, Delay and Reverb effects only I recommend to use the Send of Brunneti to input QC and output QC (best use out 3 or 4) to Return of the Brunetti. If you want to use drives, compressor, was and time based effects used the 4CM. I use no EQ in my setting