Guide to Full Implementation of MIDI Commander with QC?

I’ve RTFM’d the QC manual and the MIDI Commander manual, and to be honest, I’m just confused. It seems like neither device can be programmed in a way that would allow the MIDI commander to use all eight buttons in stomp mode while allowing the other two to increment/decrement patches (or something useful like that). (Meaning change the CCs on MIDI Commander’s out or on QC’s in).
I noticed there are some downloadable presets on the MeloAudio site but they didn’t look like a solution, and could just confuse things further.
If there’s a FAQ on using these devices together, or just some kind soul that might help, or just a confirmation that MIDI commander is very, very limited with the QC - any would be highly appreciated.

I’m sorry to say, but the MIDI Commander and the Quad Cortex are not really compatible. I returned mine, and purchased a Morningstar MC8. The MC8 will give you eight button functionality, and honestly will do far more than you probably need. Very programmable and very easy to use.


The Midi Commander is abandonware. Meloaudio stopped responding to emails and customer service forum posts in 2020 right around the start of the pandemic, and they haven’t resurfaced since. Some of the forum users have created a totally custom open source firmware for it that makes it more programmable. Try and your own risk, but dont expect any official updates or feature additions.