GR (Gain Reduction) Meter on compression modules

missing this as well

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I find it almost impossible to dial in compression without this - another vote!


Nice suggestion. The Keeley Compressor Pro is a very simple but effective example of this…

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Another vote, really missing this.

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I still miss this feature a lot. I’m kind of avoiding compressors so far because of this.

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Do you need GR meters with amp/pedal drive knobs too?

Technically saturation is an overall gain reduction, and yet we don’t ask a GR meter for this one :wink:

Apples and Oranges :-). You are correct that you are changing some dynamic properties of the signal when you are you using some form of saturation pedal. It may also be similar to a compressor pedal in this regard. But is that the main purpose? I would say is isn’t. You use saturation to generate harmonic frequencies and therefore to change tonal properties of the signal. Which are imho far more audible.

Moreover QC is not marketed as only a guitar pedal. As it has XLR/Jack inputs, sends and returns you can use it almost with every electronic and acoustic instrument you can think of.

Have you ever tried to set up a compressor while singing? Saying something is not useful just because you don’t need it is… weird.

@Predtech that’s not even close to the same thing. Clipping and clean compression are not identical.
It’s generally very easy to dial in overdrive by ear. It’s substantially more difficult to dial in a compressor than an overdrive, because the effect is usually much more subtle.

There’s a reason nearly all compressors feature meters of some sort. Hell, even a lot of pedals have meters. The whole “if you can’t do it by ear alone then you don’t know how to do it” mindset is detrimental for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that it takes a well trained ear to properly use compression in the first place - a fact which is made far more difficult with no GR meters. With the zenui capability of the QC there’s no reason to omit this except maybe for lack of enough dev resources to add it. Most players don’t know how to dial it in anyway - so why make it harder?

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Same here, at least for reamping, as I can’t directly feel the compressor interacting.

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This would be super helpful