Getting Pristine cleans

Not sure what I’m doing wrong
I’m selecting a fender twin but having difficulty getting clean atm it’s always on the edge of breakup

If you want pristine cleans, I highly suggest using the Roland Jazz Chorus amp. The cleans are beautiful and if you need to take it up a little, a compressor can do wonders.

Have you tried any of the clean presets on Cortex Cloud? Furthermore, have you checked your audio levels?

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Hi thanks for the response
I’m pretty sure the audio levels are ok
Not understanding why a fender twin is not clean

Check your input level and the settings on the amp block.

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You can try my Blackbird Clean preset (search for blackbird in the QC cloud).
It’s based on my capture of the clean channel of a Effectrode Blackbird preamp.

I think that this review describes the sound of the clean channel:


try the stock capture:

Prince 65 #2

clean clean clean.

What cab are you using with your twin?
using a compressor? be careful most compressor add some gain. I use the legendary 87 and must lower it by 4db otherwise its driving my amp a bit.

For your amp, lower the volume, but increase output to remove the breakup

What are your pickups? Actives or P90s or something could be pushing your frontend.

I have tried all pickups P90,SC,HB all react the same I’ve checked to make sure its not clipping etc

From memory I used a stock twin cab,Ive adjusted Amp Volume output etc no luck

Micke, thank you for that Effectrode Blackbird capture and preset. Those are both amazing. I’ll be using that giant shimmer in performances ASAP.

I made some captures myself that might work for this thread. They are both from an ENGL Raider amp. Both of the channel 1 presets are very clean and still have that tube sound. Just find my captures under ASTROFREQ

That being said, you will probably need to boost the volume of the clean captures and EQ to your liking.

I’m glad you like them.
The preset leans towards the bright side of the spectrum. But the capture is fairly neutral and you can get more in the jazzy direction by changing tone controls, eq, and cab.
I use humbuckers with low output and am not into high gain, and prefer to work with the volume and tone controls on my Les Paul.
I had the same experience as OP, that it was difficult to get a completely clean sound from the QC.

For me, dialing in good tones is easy, but dialing in MY tone that I want to use is finally getting there. I tend to use one clean sound and one distorted sound. I don’t like having dozens of amp sounds that I use, although things get tweaked a bit for different guitars obviously. My Lapstick guitar has only a neck humbucker, so it is already different than my single coil guitars. I have to EQ it with more treble to make up for no bridge pickup. Thankfully, the EQ on the QC is VERY responsive and has a wide range in each knob. That helps shape amp sounds considerably.

My sound is mostly clean to break up. Lots of amp models (same goes with pedals) on the QC I found way too distorted with neutral settings, had to turn the gain down to -15, -20 and compensate with the volume dial. But that takes away the good stuff from the tone. I never wanted to go the capture route because it is time consuming and less flexible to work with different captures. But now I do and I found enough clean stuff to be happy. But I‘d prefer the models to be more usable for clean guys like me.

Interesting, you mention the EQs of the QC being so responsive. I am having a bit of a hard time with them - graphic and parametric - and was thinking of going back to a pedal. I find the EQs to be not so responsive and when I try to dial in a notch filter with acoustic guitar it is driving me crazy: you cannot really sweep through the frequencies with the knobs because the frequency jumps are way to big. And using your finger is more than awkward and a hit and miss. I wrote to the support about that, they wanted to look into it, but no change so far. Yep, my second point is not what you referred to, I know.

I use cleans 90% of the time I gig and want no breakup, so it can be tricky in that way. I agree, the QC is unquestionably aimed at the modern prog-rock guys, which is a giant market. This thread definitely pointed me to some great cleans though. :slight_smile:

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The Lone Star 100w Clean is a wonderful classic take on the Fullerton clean tone. The QC version sounds and feels great to me.

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