Need tips for blues tones

Hi all,

I am having trouble finding good blues tones on the cloud or with the built in amps. I have found some good rock tones, but I haven´t been able to find a good Philip Sayce tone, or SRV, or anything bluesy that I can feel happy with. The stock amps sound really bad for this purpose (at least on my unit). Could somebody please let me know a good preset or point me to something that I am missing?

I play through a Sennheiser HD650 headset most of the time, and sometimes I play through a KRK classic 5 monitor.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

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I get a good blues tone using a Soldano on the clean channel split into a 4x12 and 1x12 and pushed with a jan ray or a TS


Huh. I have a problem choosing from so many options. It’s filled with great amps for blues.

I would try the Redplate captures. They are really very nice and can be beefed up with some overdrives as needed. I am also one of those bluesy / jazz player and very picky with dynamics and the space between clean and overdrive. Good luck

If you don’t mind paying for captures check out

They seem to be aiming at a lower gain more classic style of amps and presets. I just purchased their Friedman Smallbox package and it’s excellent. I used to own the amp and it’s spot on if not better than what I remember.



Try the Morgan 50 model. It takes pedals well and gives everything from clean to edge of breakup and more.


I love that Amp on the QC.

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A few of the scenes on my 64 Super Reverb preset might help you out:

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Sounds great thanks.

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Thank you all for your suggestion.

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