Can't get rid of unwanted distortion

Hoping someone can help me with this. Even on super-clean amp presets I’m getting some distortion when I start to hit the chords a little hard. The input level doesn’t even get into the top zone. Output levels looks fine. Thinking maybe I was over driving the input with my RC Boost pedal, I plugged straight into the QC with my Strat. Still happens.

The biggest problem with it is that because I have to bring the input down so low to avoid that distortion, even with my 500-watt ASC-10 turned all the way up, the max volume isn’t great.

Tried it with my Telecaster, too. Same issue.


Have you dropped the “In level” on the swipe down from top menu? The other thing is in the amp block you can drop the gain and make up for volume with boosting output knob in amp block.

Also big volume knob turned 100 percent? That seems to be what is recommended in these forums.

Thanks. Yeah, tried all that.

I’ve decided it’s just a shortcoming of the Fender Twin model. I thought all the clean models and captures suffered the same issue, but now I don’t think so.

Plus, when I bypass the amp altogether so that there’s just the cab or even nothing at all, it sounds different. Like, maybe, no distortion!

I guess the Fender Twin model has at least one flaw. Otherwise, I think it sounds pretty great.