Front of House

Hi, I’m new to modellers and bought my Cortex to use 4 cable method with my Boogie amp. Main reason I use with my amp is I cannot for the life of me get an anywhere near usable sound through a pa or monitors etc… Clean sounds are ok but very bossy but overdriven sounds are boxy and nasal sounding. Through my amps power section they sound fantastic. Ive played around with the different speaker and mic options but to no avail. I watch videos on you tube and everyone makes it sound unreal. I know it must be something im doing wrong so any suggestions would be a help.

I am happy to carry on 4CM but I do like the idea of going stereo

Thanks in advance

When using PA/monitors, which outputs / cabling are you using?

tried XLR straight to front of house and 1/4" jacks. Tried loads of different cab options

Definitely not normal, you should be getting nice useable tones out of the box without any trouble. Are you finding the same results using all presets/captures in general or just your own? Also, have you tried alternate cabling just to validate any differences? Otherwise, I would recommend to reach out directly to support via email: and they should be able to get you sorted quickly.

Using the factory presets. Everything just sounds boxy

Can you share a guitar DI track? I can run the same one through one of the factory presets as you and we can see if it sounds the same

I’m clueless like that mate. Maybe I just don’t like the sound of it. Sounds brill with my boogie amp but absolutely shite through a pa or monitors and even my mates line 6 power cab

It’s going to be difficult for anyone to help diagnose so definitely suggest contacting support via email: and they should be able to get you sorted quickly.