Nolly latency and cutting in and out

I installed Nolly on garage band which I understand is not officially supported by neural. It showed up in the plug-ins but then was cutting in and out and had latency issues. I then downloaded Reaper and the exact same thing happened. Also, the standalone unit has the exact same issue. I’m following all of neural’s guidelines for buffering, rate, and sample, etc. but I cannot get this platform to work. I am operating on a Mac with an up-to-date OS.

Hi @pieceofduane. What audio interface are you using? can you attach a screenshot of your audio settings?

Behringer UM2 Euphoria. Would you like the Mac Audio/Midi settings?

The Standalone audio settings. Can you also check if you get CPU spikes when this happens? Use the performance meter inside your DAW.

Looks fine. Check if disabling the input you’re not using solves the issue.

It’s kind of working better now, not sure what I did, but honestly the presets are incredibly underwhelming. Are they supposed to be great sounding? They just sound lifeless and flat.

Stand alone is okay now - still sound lifeless, but reaper is still completely dead sounding and latent.

Are you using the instrument input on your interface? I think it should be the input 2.

Yes, using the instrument input.

Can you send us some audio examples to I think it should be easier to help you that way.

I tried that. They only gave me a link to some suggestions.

@pieceofduane I’m checking right now and it seems that we haven’t received any audio files from you. As I said before, it should be easier to identify the issue once we hear it. The problem could be caused by multiple factors.

Sorry, I somehow overlooked your request for audio. Yes, I will send some. Thank you.

No problem! we’ll check it right away.