Get CC#47 w MC8 Morning start working well

Hi All, I strUggle to get program the Mode fonction on the MorningStar MC8 to get it work with the Quad Cortex (CC#47)… It is a 3 modes fonction (preset/scene/stomp) and I can program the MC8 only for 2 … I am not very easy going with all that Midi thing (will even say, that it is really the first time I approach it). Thanks for your help.

You need to change the CC value to 0, 1, or 2:

CC#47 value 0 loads Preset Mode
CC#47 value 1 loads Scene Mode
CC#47 value 2 loads Stomp Mode

Are you trying to do this all on a single switch of the MC8? That might be a little more tricky

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Thanks for your feedback. Yes, that’s what I am trying : get all using 1 switch only. I can do it but I need to « double tap » for 1 of the 3 mode. I just wonder if we can program w 1 sw only using 3 press in a row.

With the toggle function, I think you can only get two modes (short press). The third I think you would have to use long press or double tap. I think reach out to MS to see if they can develop a script for this idea.

Yea. It will be great … just add a third positon to toogle setting … even more as 8 if we want to have the same for « scene » fonction. Cheers.

You need to enable Message Scroll to do this and select “Release” for your action and “Control Change” for the message type, then just add 3 entries for the 3 modes (incrementing CC value) and you should be set.

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Ii works !!! Thanks !!! I still do not and will even not try to understand LOL why “release” but it open huge capabilities …

Great! Glad to help.

Morningstar controllers are VERY flexible and you can map MIDI messages to many “gestures” with a footswitch - any time you “press” anything - a key on a keyboard, a mouse button, or a footswitch it actually consists of two distinct actions - the press (pushing it down to make contact) and the “release” (when you let go and contact is broken) - Morningstar allows you to assign messages to each of these “parts” of a press.

So if you wanted to have a momentary switch to enable a flange - lets say to play the opening of “Unchained” by VH - you’d assign the CC for the stomp you mapped it to on the QC to both press AND release and then set the block to the disabled state on the QC to start.

When it came time to add the flange - you’d press (and hold) on the MC8 which would toggle the flange block to “on” (since it was default “off”) and then when you “released” the footswitch on the MC8 it would toggle the block again - back to “off”

There are many other creative ways to use this but that’s just one example. To be fair using “release” in your use case is not a requirement and you could just as easily use “press” and it would work exactly the same - it would just trigger the message send on the “down” motion of the press, vs the “up” motion.

Yes. Really powerful tool. i was wondering how to go into a preset list with 8 presets that you can swtich for. by using 1 preset/swith only on the MC. In fact using RELEASE ALL for msg1 CC00 &nd MSG 2 CC32 and for msg 3 up to msg 10, you use RELEASE and pProgram Change (0 msg3 Uupto 7 for msg 10). That way you can move from preset 0 to prest 8 in a row and loop.

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Yep, once you start to learn what it can do, you can greatly improve the control capabilities of the QC. I can’t wait for more MIDI commands to be added to the QC to allow even more setups to be created

Glad you’ve figured it out!

Oh yes…this works.