Midi Controller Stomp Mode Setup Error

Hey everyone,
I have a setup where I am trying to have my midi controller, a Morningstar MC8 control both a dirty amp and a clean up. The way I am setting up the preset is that the dirty amp will be controlled by Switch A and the clean amp will be controlled by Switch B. I have the dirty amp on row 1 and the clean amp on row 3 (not sure if this matters or not) The problem I am having is that the switches are not turning on properly. I have my midi controller setup in toggle mode, so the first position is that everything set to Switch A will turn on, everything set to Switch B will turn off, and then in second position everything set to Switch B will turn on and everything set to Switch A will turn off. The problem is that this is not happening. It is turning every switch on both A and B in first position and then turning everything off in second position. It should be possible to send a midi command to turn certain things on and off at the same time right? Please let me know if I am doing this right. Thanks everyone.

Hey, try sending this to our support team.


Hi UrGreen. I’m using the same setup and I think what may be happening to you is this: midi control of the individual blocks on the QC is NOT fully implemented. You CAN turn individual blocks on/off via midi BUT it works like an on/off switch i.e. every time you send a midi CC command the block will flip to it’s other state. I’ve posted a feature request asking to have each blocks state be fully midi controllable…not sure if my request will ever see the light of day but I have my fingers crossed.
I currently have my MC8 controlling 4 basic setups: 1. Clean 2. OD1 (a little hair) 3. OD 2 (crunch) 4. Lead. I like to have flexibility when I’m playing so just using Scenes doesn’t always work for me. To get around this I control the different setups by switching back and forth between Scene and Stomp modes via the midi commands. I have the MC8 issue a chain of CC commands to change the Scene then switching BACK to Stomp mode so I can turn individual blocks on/off via the switches on the QC. The downside to this is as I said earlier, I don’t have complete control over the state of every device so IF I turn on say…the compressor then switch to another Scene the compressor will STAY on…so…I end up doing the pedal dance…which I’m trying NOT to do! I hope this helps you. Let me know what you think!
Please NEURAL give us midi control of the individual blocks!!!

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…just a little correction here…you can control the “switches” that are assigned to the blocks via midi…

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Hi my friend,

But when you re send the midi message, the status returns to the initial.

it’s not good, maybe for same application works, but for others certaly no.

thanks so much