Morningstar Preset Change in Setlist

I’m very confused by the midi videos I’ve seen on YouTube and also the manual.

I’ve easily programmed the Morningstar MC6 to change Scenes while in Preset mode. No problem.

Where I do have a problem is trying to program a Preset change in my Setlist.

The manual says PC but has CC values.

I’ve tried first sending the PC and then following with CC values listed for Setlist and Preset number.

Nothing is happening. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

You need to send the CC first, then PC.

Look at pg 90-91 in the manal they have examples that help make it clear, Just note there’s no easy way to just go “up” or “down” - everything is explicit setlist, and preset selection. You can use a counter to make this kinda work… but it’s not super intuitive and reliable if you screw up once you’re “off”.


Example #1 
If you want to load the Quad Cortex Preset 129 (17A) in Setlist 5,
then you would send the following PC message to the unit:
• CC#0 value 1, CC#32 value 5, Program #1

Example #2
If you want to load the Quad Cortex Preset 68 (9D) in Setlist 9,
then you would send the following PC message to the unit:
• CC#0 value 0, CC#32 value 9, Program #67

Important: The last CC#0 value # is remembered until you change
the CC#0 value again and choose to load a Preset from a different
Preset group.

Reposted from manual for ease of reference, but follow the orders shown here and you should be ok

Oh, I’ve read it. I just don’t understand it.

How can you send a PC message with CC values?

If I’m sending multiple messages in that order CC1 > CC2 > PC1 then I’ve tried that and nothing is happening.

Thank you for your response though. I really do appreciate you.

If you wanted dedicated up/down buttons within a very narrow set of presets, the counter might work, it just kinda falls apart as a “general” up/down mechanism

until the QC gets a simple “preset up/down” command it’s about the best you can do

That’s exactly what you should be doing - sending individual messages - you might not need to send all 3 on every change - as the manual says, some values are persisted so you could possibly just send PC changes once you’re in the setlist and group you want, but being explicit doesn’t hurt.

I do mine with two commands and use a counter - only 2 because I’m not changing setlists - and then use counters i have setup to move me up and down by incrementing them:

Thx man!

All I need was restart everything and now it works.

Go figure. SMH

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First step of troubleshooting any technology - turn it off, turn it back on :smiley: good luck!

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Lol. No doubt!

Worked out great. Able to use the MC6 to change Scenes, Presets in Setlist and Patches/Settings on the BigSky in the loop.

I really hope NDSP fixes the Midi Thru and Hybrid mode in the new OS update. Wouldn’t have to use the external midi controller at all.