Fx loop weird volume/stereo difference

CorOS Version: 1.0.2

Describe your issue:
I have 2 pedals (strymon timeline and big sky) set up in the fx loop 1/2 in stereo. Before the loop I have 2 amp models that are panned left/right via a splitter. Originally when setting up the fx loop I switched between the loop being on and bypass to test what effect the loop/cables/pedals where having and it was 99.9% perfect. Although randomly the other day when I did this same test and there was a slight volume difference and a slight shift in stereo image. Thought it could be the pedals or cables so I tried just plugging 2 of the cables into the send and straight back into the return and the difference between the being bypassed on not was still there. Weird thing is I switched cables and the difference disappeared…switched BACK to the apparently offending cables … the difference had gone and the loop was back to being 99.9% transparent. Very odd.

Steps to reproduce your issue:

  1. Set up a stereo 1/2 fx loop with different amps down each line via a splitter, stereo ‘split’, A/B sides panned left and right on the mixer
  2. Test sound of bypassed fx loop vs active fx loop. Normally there is no difference, but on a couple of occasions I have experienced a slight shift in volume / stereo image. This even happened when just using cables (no pedals). Yes, it could be the cables, but the cables are brand new and work 100% fine seconds later even with wiggling