FX Loop does not mix properly

I cannot say for certain that this is a thing with 2.0. Problem is, i’m trying to run a number of different (not at the same time) external stereo pedals with my QC but it does not mix in with the guitar well. I have a Strymon Volante for example and when I run it through the FX Loop, it sounds very quiet. So I boost the returns and all it seems to do is boost the overall volume. The Volante is louder, but so is the guitar. Almost as if the relative mix of the FX loop with the overall volume of the patch is just too low.

I’ve tried send and return levels, different cables, different pedals and even reset the QC to factory. Nothing seems to make a difference. When I run these same pedals with another modeler, they sound correct and mix in properly.

Ideas? Is there something else I can try or is the FX loop perhaps not working correctly with 2.0?

is this issue since 2.0? or before? Did you check with QC support?

Have you tried toggling the Inst/Line switch on the back of the Volante?