Fortin Nameless Preset Thread

Hey everyone! Here’s the thread where you share your presets for the Fortin Namless!


Here’s a couple of my favorite presets I’ve made for Fortin Nameless! The LoG and AIC presets are from a couple of Artist tones vids that are up on the channel. Hope you all enjoy!

Alice In Chains - Man In the Box.xml (1.9 KB) Log Ruin LTD Br PU tone knob bright.xml (2.0 KB) Meshuggah - Clockwork for Modern Vintage.xml (1.9 KB)


Thanks for sharing these. Does anybody have a good Iron Maiden preset?


Thanks! Can’t wait to try the meshuggah

Thanks a lots :slight_smile:

In, looking forward to seeing more presets for this. Still my favorite amp sim so far.
Will chuck up my own black metal presets but I’m wondering what additional processing you guys might use for yours?

Well nvm, it says new users cant upload item. how can i not be “new” anymore?

Anybody got any good death metal patches i.e.: the black dahlia murder, the faceless, job for a cowboy?

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Rhythm tone.
Karol - NAMELESS Rhythm.xml (2.0 KB)

gear: 7-string + emg 707 (bridge pickup)
tuning: standard A
input: about -12 dB peak

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Hi all, I made these 10 presets for the Fortin Nameless (8 for rhythm and 2 for leads), they’re mainly aimed to Modern Metal/Djent songs.
You can find them in the “Preset Vault” section on Honest Amp Sims Reviews site under Guitar Amp Sims - Neural DSP Nameless Suite folder.
Here is the direct google drive if you’d like to download (free download) them:
Hope you enjoy them!


Does anybody have some priphery IV presets

Hi there, if you’re still looking for Death Metal tones - IMO the Mick Thompson preset in the Granophyre is a good place to start tweaking and adapting to your liking.
I know it’s not Nameless related - and I also don’t really listen to those bands you mentioned but it does sound quite good for a Death Metal tone like Cannibal Corpse or Slipknot I think.

Hi, does anyone have a preset for Fear Factory - Demanufacture style tone? Or any advice on tweaking a Nameless preset?
I am new to Neural, have already bought 3 plugins.

I’m pretty new to this and started tweaking knobs and looking through presets. If anyone has some tips, or ready presets, to finding that tight Psycroptic (as the kingdom drowns) tone I’d be eternally grateful!

Hi there, new user here. Just purchased the Nameless Suite and am in progress of learning how all this stuff works. Can anyone point me in the direction of a tone similar to Acle Kahney’s on Tesseract’s “One” album? Cheers