Fortin Cali Suite Presets Thread

This thread is for preset settings or link where to download preset for Fortin Cali suite.

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Some presets from Steven’s video:


I made some presets for Cali (75), trying to replicate the sound of some bands or styles.

  • 65 Rhythm Presets (each one with different cabs combination to give some variety)

    • Dischar 1 and 2: loosely based on Discharge tones on their first 80s albums
    • Doom 1, 2, 3: some Doom Metal based tones
    • Frost 1 and 2: loosely based on Celtic Frost first albums (1984-1985)
    • Mercyful 1, 2, 3: based on Mercyful Fate first albums (1983-1984)
    • Thrash Master 1, 2, 3: loosely based on some of the classics thrash metal albums between 1983 and 1988
    • Thrash Slay 1, 2, 3:
    • Venom 1, 2: loosely based on Venom first album (1980-1982)
  • 10 Lead Tones: made to match the corresponding rhythm presets and provide some variety using 2 different guitar tracks

As usual you can find them in the “Preset Vault” section on Honest Amp Sims Reviews site , under Guitar Amp Sims - Neural DSP Fortin Cali Suite folder, here is the direct google drive if you’d like to download (free download) them:
You can check some of these presets on 3 videos on my YT channel:

I’m also working on some clean and crunch presets in the next weeks.


Thank you so much! i really apreciate it , i look forward to try clean and crunch preset :smiley:

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Thanks Kim, glad you liked them!

Hi all, I found 25 free presets for the Fortin Cali Suite in the Fortin Amps YouTube channel, I tried them and I think they could be a good starting point. You can find them here:, the download link is in the description. Cheers


Hey all. Tried replicating the split coil low gain tone of The Contortionist’s Early Grave. Feedback is greatly appreciated.
Early Grave.xml (3.1 KB)

Trying to work on a Metallica - Kill 'em all preset.

Here’s what I got so far.

Fab - Kill m all.xml (3.0 KB)

Feedback welcome and appreciated.

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I just added 6 new presets based on Immortal “At The Heart of Winter” and “Sons of Northern Darkness”, called “WinterHeart” and “NorthernDark”, you can find them here:

If you want to hear how they sound you can check out some Immortal covers I made on my YT channel: