Fortin NTS issues

Im having an issue with my VST in reaper. Only this VST is giving me issues, which sucks because it sounds phenomenal. The standalone is working, but both VST and VST3 are only making constant distortion noises, just popping and hissing for no reason. Ill reiterate that my plini plugin works perfectly, but i cant get just the Fortin NTS plugin to work for recording.

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Hi @alex.martino.03. Is there any difference in CPU usage between VST and VST3?

I’m having the same issue standalone works great but in Reaper it is broken. Omega and all the archetype work great but NTS will not, the only way to fix it was to change my audio device buffer settings above 500. Even on play back it still has to be set high. Also when rendering a track that is using NTS it takes much longer to render.

Hi @danny.guerry. Please try using the VST2 format (under the VST tag in Reaper). Some users have experienced compatibility issues with the VST3 version of NTS. Our development team is already notified about this problem.

So I just downloaded the free trial of NTS and Darkglass. Using an iRig2 HD as my interface. So I get everything hooked up, and start messing with the audio settings. The audio device set up I can use are Windows Audio or Direct sound. ASIO is unavailable. I’m getting noise. But it sounds like it’s very low clean, then I’ll get a blast of high gain noise out of nowhere. I’ve never used desktop version of something like this. The closest software is AmpliTube on my iPad. BiasFX 2 won’t work either so I know I’m doing something wrong or it’s my computer. Please help cause as of right now, I’m ready to give up.

Hi @bwilson23. You need an ASIO compatible audio interface to use the Plugins. Check if the iRig2 HD has ASIO drivers.

Download ASIO4ALL

You will need to restart after that.

In NEURAL DSP Plugin > Audio Settings
Audio device Type: ASIO
Audio Device ASIO4ALL

Click the Control Panel button in Audio Settings

Under WDM Device List
select iRig HD2

Select both iRig HD output channels