Crackling sound when oversampling in Fortin NTS

Hi everyone.
I’m trying a couple of your plugin and they’re both incredible, but I’m having issues with Fortin NTS. It works just fine unless I turn on the oversampling, in which case the sound starts crackling (hoping this is the appropriate term). The CPU usage is super low and this happens even if I have only one track in a blank new project, regardless I’m using the Vst or the Vst3.
This problem doesn’t occur in the Archetype: Nolly plugin.

I use Reaper on Windows 10. A quad core i7-6700HQ and 16gb of ram and everything is updated. My audio interface is an Audient EVO 4, and i never had such issues even in quite heavy projects with lot of big plugins.
I tried to increase the buffer size from 256 to 512 but nothing changed.
Any help?
Thank you.

Hi @evolutionarysleeper. Are you sure you tried with both VST and VST3? With the NTS, due to an issue with the VST3 version, the performance between the two should be quite different.

yep @Gonzalo , i tried both to understand if the problem was related to that

@evolutionarysleeper If the CPU usage is low, that means the issue could be caused by DPC latency, which is quite common in Windows-based laptops.

Try going through the optimization guide and then analyze your system using LatencyMon. Check if there’s any process or driver with high execution times. While you test this, make sure to run the VST2 format in a project at 44100 Hz / 128 samples.

Just as a troubleshooting option – double check that you only have one interface input active within the Fortin audio settings.

I was having a similar issue recently - and found that I had both inputs active. Once the second was deactivated, everything was great again. I’m also using an Audient interface by the way (iD44 instead of the Evo).