Fortin Evil Pumpkin Suite

Well, I think that the title says about all. I know that with some tweaks you actually can get pretty close to this Mike masterpiece Beast of amp tweaking min. a couple of yet on sale Neural “artamp” Sims. But I mean a graphic and meticolous dedicated new project/collabs between Mr Mike and the Neural Team to bring us what I think would be the First a d only one most close thing to the true Monster oficially developed and approved Aldo by Mike himseff sofamp of a kind. Because if It Will happens this Suite will put on sale only and if It Will offer Neural unique detail cares on any single aspect, from the sound, to the true response aka the feeling when plugged in their softsim your guitar so impressively realistica and also the original and manical graph details Neural DSP working style aka realism that “Simply” get on your screen a perfect reproduction of an used but shiny aesthetic amphead of a soecifc model, and in this case the Pumpink sikness Mike design in all it,'s Majestic.
I know that for marketing reason this could be, paradoxically the thousand working hours spended to develop the next Neural DSP Jewel, also getting Mike aboard and in il ed ad consultant and suoervisir of this project aka the Neural/Fortin 100% teamup that will just get to the final stage this Suite, moreover getting all the more new coding and developing mods that are bit few if et you look af the Nameless suite ver 1.0 and then ton the Gojra or Petrucci Archetype that got huge improvements, above all in the dark more better CPU friendly VST load. But yes no doubt, Neural has more opportunity to be oriented in developing “Archetype” stile stuff rather than back to the “Suite” series that will sell sure less rather than a new Archetype based on a great and popular Guitar player. So here I dare also to recall Mike in the game, asking an impressive graphic layout, an incredible response of the sim if tested along the true Headamp.
But I Just want to bring here this my min 2 years long hoping “@work” and that I will buy in a bliss, even if It will get out in the worse financoal periodo of the year for me and no demo needed at all. And may if not at t my madness level here i’m not the only one that will love an incoming (2022, release date: undefined and almost a Surprise) gift like this onne trim this great team and Mr. Fortin. And your most short comment under this one that should keep up the topic maybe who knows, something will eventually showed up not TBA as ever istead with a few days unespected hype countdown the Evil Pumpkng Suite on the Neural shop. Thanks for this soave and for the eventually support that my Crazy fanatici request topic Will get…:metal: