New Neural Dsp user

So… basically I’ve been playing metal for a loooong time and I am not going back on the road again. After i “settled” down I wanted to continue to write songs so I invested in a home studio as so many others. Now. I am really picky with the sound/feel of my rhythm guitar and I used to play on an old 5150 through a mesa cab…BRUTAL sound!! This setup is not an option here at home so I looked around and bought myself a Kemper… great piece of gear!! But something was off…so I traded it for an Axe Fx 2 XL … great piece of gear!! But something was still off… Auditioned the Neural Fortin Cali and the Parallax… great piece of software… wait what?? This software to me is not only usable for ideas but actually perfect for recording!.. These are def keepers!! I know you can do amazing stuff with both Kemper and Fractal gear… but holy **** these both sounds killer and feels very much real and can be manipulated in so many ways. I sold the Axe Fx and bought an RME interface and some plugins from you guys (Neural) and I am a very happy camper (as long as it works)

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