Hello Everyone

Last weekend I bought my first Neural DSP virtual amp, so a couple of hours later I bought a second, and I thought to say hello to everyone on the forum to start with.
Hello everyone! :slight_smile:

I’ve been in love with John Petrucci’s sound, since I frist heard the first album, back in '89, or '90, I believe. And over the years it only got better.
When Neural DSP released the plugin, I knew I would buy it once I tried it, so I kept it off for as long as I could, but eventually I had to try it and as I predicted, I had to have it! I love everything about it, with exception of the CPU-load. :stuck_out_tongue:
But CPU-load is something I can get around and with the sound being what it is, I’m very happy I took the step.
So here I am, the new member of the Neural DSP family. :wink:



Hi @Demious and welcome to the community and welcome to the family! Enjoy the QC!

Hello, Demious, and thanks for the introduction. I have mixed a couple songs for some folks in the Netherlands. There is some seriously good Rock n’ Roll that originates from there!

I am also a new QC owner (about a month into it now). Nice to meet you!

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Welcome! We look forward to having you around.

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