Fortin Cali Suite still a Trail verion after purchase


After sending multiply emails about this issue to Neural DSP support and receiving no reply I am forced to come here to seek a solution.

I ordered the Parallax and Fortin Cali Suite during the black Friday sale on the 29th of November 2020 after which my trail verison of the Parallax plugin updated to a full license product but the Fortin Cali Suite did not.

I have a invoice from Neural DSP with the purchase order and email conformation but when I log into my iLok account it says I still have the trail verison.

Yes, I have linked my ilok account to my Neural DSP account.

Can anyone help me with this? Neural DSP hasn’t replied to any of my emails concerning this issue.


Sorry to hear this. I know its a stupid question but are you 100% sure its the right directed mail adress? I have been in contact with them (support i guess) a couple of times and I have always gotten quick and very positive respond!!??

They sent the conformation email to the same address so they should have it.

It’s frustrating, I’ve checked my spam folder to make sure that wasn’t the issue either.

Thats very weird and of course unacceptable. Have you sent more than one? Again a stupid question i know… I’m just trying to rule out that your mail maybe somehow ended up in their spam folder … which again would be very very weird as you where using an address they provided. Is there another way you can contact them? Maybe another mail address or something? … I know I’m not helping much here…

I could try another email but I don’t know if that would help.

Are any Neural DSP staff on this forum? It has been months now and the issue hasn’t been resolved for me. I’ve paid £50 for a plugin I can’t use and I’ve had no communication from the company… I may have to escalate this is they refuse to talk to me.

Hey @Necromunda. Sorry to hear about the problems you’re encountering.

It looks like you never redeemed your activation codes after purchasing your plugins. We can send you a new order confirmation with your codes which will fix this problem.

Just went through our support inbox and I couldn’t find any mesagge from your address. Did you contact us using another one? Let me know. Please feel free to continue this topic through DM.

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