Trial extension

I had trialled fortin cali once very long ago. But i think that additional 14 day trial has been given for all plugin. I tried to install cali but it says I can’t trial it again. Please help.

Hi @prashurya.goswami. Please check your inbox!

The Cory Wong Trial Extension showed up in my iLok but it wont let me open and start trial. It keeps saying i tried to restart a trial that ended but it shows the extension available in Ilok still. Any advice would help, I currently own the plini and nolly plugin and would love to revisit the Cory Wong to Look at possibly purchasing to add to my neural catalog. PS greatest software guitar tones Ive experienced period!

Hey @RDP1213. Do you still have the same issue? Send us your iLok user ID to

Yeah still having issue, emailing you at support now. Thanks for the reply!

Its solved thanks.