Archetype: Nolly Presets Thread

Hey everyone! Here’s the thread where you share your presets for the Archetype: Nolly!


Here are a handful of my favorite presets that I’ve made with the Archetype: Nolly!
Mastodon - ESP - Blood and Thunder.xml (6.3 KB) Tom Morello - Killing in the Name Of LIVE (active PU).xml (6.4 KB) 01 Rhy - LEG - Tool Pneuma.xml (6.3 KB) BFRiff Division.xml (6.3 KB)


Anyone have a delay + reverb clean tone for Nolly that rivals the defaults from Plini? I’ve been demoing both and am mostly sold on Nolly except that the delay + reverb on Plini sounds so good out of the box.

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Try this and let me know what you think.

Killer Clean.xml (6.3 KB)


I agree, that Archetype Plini has the most beautiful delay and reverb combination (for my taste).


No doubt. I can get lost for hours just noodling with those Plini sounds. I like the Nolly as well but for just solo noodling with the delay and reverb Plini is great.

Thank you. I like this a lot!

I made a lot of presets for this plugin (180+) and I decided to share the with the other site users.
You can find them in the “Preset Vault” section on Honest Amp Sims Reviews site , under Guitar Amp Sims - Neural DSP Archetype Nolly folder.
They are organized in 4 sub-folders: Clean (30 presets), Crunch (41 presets), Lead (32 presets) and Rhythm (85 presets).
Here is the direct google drive if you’d like to download (free download) them:
You can check this presets on 2 videos on my YT channel:


Could you do something like this for plini? Thank you

Hi Isha, sorry but unfortunately I don’t have the Archetype Plini plugin

These are great - thanks for sharing all your work.


Thanks, much appreciated!

Hi guys! I’m new here… I’m working on a lot of tones to share to you all! Today i made this
Guitars are only Nolly WITHOUT processing. Only the plugin plus a custom ir made by me.
For drums i used GGD invasion and for bass IK MODO with Parallax.
If you like it, i can share the prest plus ir :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you sir, that is amazing. Downloaded and will play around soon.

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Hi, I listened to your short track on Soundcloud, I liked it.
Could you please share the preset?

That’s a great tone - can you share the preset please?

Here is a clean sound i designed to be used with split coils.Chimey Clean.xml (6.3 KB) I also have this aggressive punk rock sound. Punk Rawk 1.xml (6.3 KB) They are designed while using a guitar with a Seymour Duncan Nazgul pickup.

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Check out the clean patch i just posted, it might have some delay and verb settings you might like. I also have the Plini, incredible amp sim

Thank you very much, I’m exploring your presets right now!

Hey guys,

Maybe this is a dumb question but I want to upload my presets file and I got the message ‘new users can’t upload attachments’. When am I not ‘new’ anymore?! :slight_smile: