Archetype Gojira Preset Thread

Starting off the preset thread!

Take a Bite.xml (5.6 KB)

Smooth & hearty crunch


Here’s a preset I made inspired by Aaron Marshall’s lead tone on Circadian!

AM LEAD.xml (5.6 KB)


Not a preset but a tutorial on whammy automation :+1:


For anyone who has Fortin 412 cab IRs from Cali Suite:

  • 3rd + FORTIN 412 I: Fortin_V30UK_480_D1_1 (left slot) + Fortin_V30UK_MD421_D1_5 (right slot)
  • 3rd + FORTIN 412 II: Fortin_V30UK_V7x_D1_1 (left slot) + Fortin_V30UK_480_D1_4 (right slot)
  • 3rd + FORTIN 412 III: Fortin_V30UK_SM57_D1_4 (left slot) + Fortin_V30UK_480_D1_3 (right slot)

Guitar used: Solar A2.7 tuned in “A standard”

3rd + FORTIN (4.5 KB)


Guitar used: Washburn PXM27 tuned in “A standard”

Karol - Rhythm (3.0 KB)

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Bea Metal.xml (5.6 KB)

Here’s my first ever contribution, a preset I’ve made based on Rabea Massaad type tone.


Hi all,

I don’t know if it is authorized to share the work from others (even if it’s free), but I found these presets by Novelists FR that sound really great :slight_smile:

this one is great

Another hidden gem by Jack Gardner


For drop fanatics out there:


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Presets: Dropbox - SHARED - ALEARZ GOJIRA - Simplify your life

Djenty one

Preset: TiffuZeless - M80M low A#.rar - Google Drive


A little late but thanks for sharing my preset, korayem!
Hope you guys are enjoying it :slight_smile:

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Here is a good Every Time I Die patch I made for single coils

I am using a custom strat partscaster I built. Rosewood fretboard tele neck on an alder body. Bareknuckle 64 veneer pickups. Bridge tone rolled off to between 7-8. Adjust depth and EQ to taste. With my interface gain reading around -9 I feel like it’s just the right amount of gain. Anyways, enjoy! Let me know how it sounds on with humbuckers.

ETIDPB_STRAT_B_T7.xml (5.6 KB)

So I have tasked my self to learn the song Contraband by Make them suffer. I kinda came up with their tone on accident.
Let me know what I could change! :smiley:
Drop B.xml (6.2 KB)

Does anyone has the pitch utility presets?? This link is off ;/