Feedback and audio issue

Using a Focusrite solo and tried running both the Abasi and Fortin. My input signal is super weak, and when it’s muted or rings out I get very bad feedback tone. Once I remove my guitar cable the feedback does continue. I have tried returning the solo just in case it was the interface. Tried multiple guitars and cables but all resulting in the same issue. I can’t seem to find any similar issues out there and I’d really love to get this situated.

Has anyone had this issue or heard of it before? I’ve heard some things about ground loops or wiring in my house. I’m open to any help, thanks all.

Hello @Karceri. Please, make sure that your audio settings are correctly configurated.

Take a look at our debugging guide for humming and ground noise if you haven’t already:

You can also try to move to another location in your house and check if this reduces the noise since near devices can interfere in your signal chain. Disabling your WiFi/Bluetooth may also improve the quality of the signal.

If none of the above works, this article may help you to narrow down the issue: Solving noise problems

your computer mic may be on