Strong fizz/noise not coming from Guitar

Has anyone else encountered some noise/fizz sound that was constant?
I thought it was my guitar firt as when I grounded the strings with my fingers the sounds went away
I unplugged my guitar and the sound was still there, actually much stronger, replugged my instrument and suddenly all was fine, like magic!

high gain amp in the preset?

not really, they are capture.
there was a clean and moderately high gain one, it happened on both.
there was a noise gate a the beginning of each path.

I noticed it happened after I rolled the volume high and low many times on my guitar… really strange

Does this come up while using headphones or xlr outs? I have something similar when using headphone out and to my ears it sounds like ground issue. It didn’t go away with changing the ground lift in I/O.

Oddly, one thing that did help was just plugging in the usb cable but not connecting it to a laptop… Today I noticed that moving the headphones plug a bit has an effect so it also might be my headphones adapter. Tried with two different headphones both resulting with the same ground loop hum. This sound doesn’t effect to recorder output (though USB).

yeah, I know its weird, since i’ve put the USB in, its more silent even if the USB is not plugged anywhere else…

Maybe there is an issue if you have headphones with nothing else