Feature suggestion: Simple recording function for all standalone apps of Archetype plugins

Sometimes I miss the possibility to record spontaneously while jamming in the standalone app of Archetype: Cory Wong. Wouldn’t this be helpful for all Archetype products?

I suggest getting a copy of the keyboardless version of SaviHost (free) and running the VST version in it. It has the record function you want and the net effect is it runs as a “stand-alone” version of whatever plugin it is hosting. I’ve used it with Wong and it works great.

Thanks, @MWS .

I know that there are solutions like this, but I think when the inspiration strikes you it would be great to have a red button right on the GUI of the standalone apps :slightly_smiling_face:.

Since the executable in this scenario is “Archetype Cory Wong.exe” and it has a record button right in the top left of the interface, this should suffice. I only suggest this as a solution because we owners of Cali Fortin have been waiting forever for them to fix high cpu issues and they still have not done so. So the likely hood of them doing this is basically zero, at least any time soon. Just wanted to give you something to allow you to do what you want to do while you wait…