2 plugin instances = no pops/cracks?


I’ll go straight to the point; I’ve 4 different Archetypes (Abasi, Plini, Gojira and last I’ve got the Cory Wong) but for some reasons, the only one I have problems with is the Cory Wong, as it keeps popping and “cracking”.

I’ve set and tried different buffer sizes, checked the support page and managing to get only one input into the DAW without solving the problem. Then I realized that loading the VST into another project suddenly got to work without the pops, so I was pretty sure it was something about the properties of the project, but suprisingly it isn’t, as the properties are equal for both.

Lastly I decided to paste all the tracks from the old project to a new project, and surprisingly it worked flawless too, so without doubt it was something about the tracks. Then I started removing them, and at the time I deleted my other track with the Archetype Abasi loaded, the Cory Wong started to pop again!

So, if I load 2 instances of any Archetypes (including two Cory Wong instances, one in each track) the popping dissappears, and this only happens with the Cory Wong, none with any of the other Archetypes I have so far, it’s kinda strange…

At the moment I can solve the problem just loading two instances of it, but maybe there’s something I can try to really solve it.


@nebelorz - I would recommend emailing support@neuraldsp.com they will get you sorted out!

I’ll send them an e-mail, thanks man!

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