Can you capture Archetype plugins?

I have my Quad Cortex in the post and it should be arriving in a couple of days. I am a huge fan of the Archetype plugins and until native support for those arrives on the QC, I was wondering, can they be captured by routing the QC through an audio interface?

You can capture any incoming signal and create a “snapshot” of that tone.

You do, but need a seperate interface as far as I know.
My setup: Capture out (QC) → instrument in → plugin of choice → analog out → in 1 (QC)
It’s awesome because I’ve got some guitar pedal plugins I was able to capture and use into a real amp!
Works like a charm and is also a pretty good use.
So far I’ve got some good captures from Archetype Tim Henson on the Cortex Cloud if you want to check them out (@ThomasVanIseghem). I plan to release some other captures aswell when I get them dailed in.
Would be nice if they included these as amps with the QC from the factory though.

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