Abasi archetype

Hi Support team,

We try to have the plug in working with Logic ProX last version.
We can add the instrument, hear and manage the settings but when we try to record, it does’nt record the track though all the instrument can be hear (guitar with settings).
The record red button si still red and doesn’t blink… Thx for help

Hey @thierry.yven. Does it happen when you press Play then hit “R” on your keyboard?

Hey Gonzalo, no it’s happening wether I press the record button or the red R on Logic, I didn’t try to press R .
Do you want me to send some screen captures ?

Thx for the answers :wink: :grinning:

When we press record button or the R, the system seems to record but nothing on the track, as there were no input… very strange…

@thierry.yven Are you sure the Plug-In is inserted on the track? Please send us some screenshots to support@neuraldsp.com.

here it is

Would you need something more ?

I think you’re using a MIDI/Instrument track, that’s why it doesn’t work.

Please select “Audio” when creating a new track.

Thank you Gonzalo, when creating the track I was choosing VST which was confusing. I’ve just made up a new track with audio type and then choose Archetype as sound processor and it now works perfectly.
Thanks !!!

@thierry.yven Awesome! Glad it worked.

@thierry.yven — great to hear that this worked for you!

I’ve been banging my head to the same issue for days now after just puchasing Archetype Plini – basically did all the same bits you mentioned here but I can’t seem to find how you assigned Archetype as a “sound processor” any chance of you helping me out by pointing out which menu you would go to apply this, or is there a Window in Logic to do this?

Seeing that so many people use Logic and VSTs this should be something one would hope to find easily by a google search… but there’s nothing reallay out there…

Any help would be appreciated … thanks!

Hi @patrick.moreira. First, you need to create a new audio track in Logic and then insert the Plug-In version on the track at the Audio FX slot (you will find it at Audio Units > Neural DSP). Just click on “Audio FX” and look for the Plug-In.

After that, you will need to enable monitoring to hear the signal:

If you follow the manual, you will find everything related to it: Logic Pro X manual.

@Gonzalo - thank you so very much for this mate. Worked perfectly - really appreciate the write up and the screen grabs!!! :metal:t4:

@patrick.moreira no problem!


That’s whatsapp my 15 years old boy made with the dsp !!! Thank you Gonzalo !!!

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@thierry.yven He’s really good! I’m glad you guys are having fun.