Feature Request - Up/Down Footswitches And The List Of Presets

I’ve been using the QC for well over a year now. I and truly pleased with it. In fact I’m very happy whenever I get to use it.

I have one suggestion, that I think would help navigation for me. I realize my brain might be wired a little differently than most, so feel free to chime in on this and tell me I’m crazy.

When I tap the top of the screen to open the list of presets, and I hit the up footswtich, it selects the preset that is the next one DOWN on the list. This drives me CRAZY. When I visualize what preset is next in line in a given setlist or in the general list of presets, I see it in my mind the way it is laid out when I look at the preset viewing screen and I always want to push the DOWN footswitch to go to the next preset, when in fact I have to push the UP switch.

I would LOVE a global option of making the Up/Down Footswitches work in reverse. As in the UP switch goes visually up the list, the DOWN goes visually down the list.

Anyone with me?

I totally agree. Press UP to go DOWN in the list is a mind fuck.

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I’m with ya. There’s got to be a way to either invert the list in the window or the way the scrolling works.

That drove me crazy at first too, because it’s illogical. But now I’ve gotten used to it.
However a global reverse option would be great.

+1 here. And don’t apologise for your brain being wired ‘differently’! Every single one of is wired differently to each other, that’s the beauty of being human. It’s for the developers of any hardware and software to accept that - It’s like the ability to change the trackpad direction on a laptop. My wife has hers set up in completely the opposite direction to the way that makes sense to me; fries my head if I use her machine, but neither is wrong or right.

In fact it is this sort of ability to customise the controls that make Canon cameras work so well for me, in ways that other brands like Nikon don’t; in the industry it is called ‘Ergonomics’ and a lot of time and thought goes in to this (or at least should do!)

My preference in fact would be to use the rotary function of the top right foot switch to be able to cycle through a list of presets - or block models - when they are presented in list form. You can use the rotary function when you are in the edit page of a block to change to the next or previous device, rather than select it by using the ‘change device’ option in the menu.

I just wish the rotary knob for the Preset Up button actually did something, so like, in the preset window use it to scroll up/down the banks (clockwise goes visually down the list).

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Absolutely agree - add that as a feature request?

make sure you vote at the top of the thread if you wanna see them address this request.