Preset up down switch reverse option

right now the preset up down switch follows the preset NUMBER rather than the order of the set list

when you look at the setlist in a list format
PRESET UP / DOWN switch should be the opposite.
for people who think as set “lists”
I think it would be great to have the option to reverse the preset up down switch!

please vote!!

I’m giving this a vote. I’ve never liked the way the preset up/down switches move through banks. When you’re looking at a bank, it’s shown like this:

Bank 2
Preset 9
Preset 10
Preset 11
Preset 12
Preset 13
Preset 14
Preset 15
Preset 16

I would rather press the Preset Down switch to move down through the bank, rather than the Preset Up switch to move up to the number.

An option for preset switch reversal should be easy to implement.


exactly! thanks for the vote

there’s already a feature request thread for this. Feature Request - Up/Down Footswitches And The List Of Presets

Good grief, every time I vote on or post something there’s always the same request elsewhere. Thanks for telling us.

YES! this was a “thing” i noticed. I thought that’s weird. NOW i see i was not alone :wink: I VOTED!

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Feature Request - Up/Down Footswitches And The List Of Presets