Favorite amp / cabs (including captures)? / Tone building post

As title says, this is meant as a tone building post, via your valuable experience and tinkering what have become your go to built in or captured amps and combos for different tones?

For example for clean stuff i use the matchless captures from tonejunkietv and for high gain i use some EVH presets from the quad

-Crystal Clean
-Compressed clean (funky stuff maybe)
-Edge of breakup (clean/crunch)
-Overdriven rhythm / lead / solo
-High gain rhythm / lead / solo
-Other (atmospheric, non-guitar like sounds, etc)

Very curious about all of your picks and looking forward to trying them and finding new favorites! Do feel free to mention favorite gain pedals to go with them or if you add some compression/gate/extra gain to get x/y/z sound!

PS: Would be fun to have a tone building section for QC on this forum, should this go as feature request? @MP_Mod


For now, this thread will work for your purposes and I’ll look into it. Thanks!


Hopefully it works for my purposes since theres not many commenters so far haha…


I’ll kick in my favs when I get back to the studio later…

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thank you! i´ll be on the lookout :smiley:

All I can say until now is that as a new user of the QC I almost always end up with the Soldano Factory Preset for High Gain stuff :sweat_smile:

+1 for the Soldano models for high gain. Also a big fan of the JP2C (CA John’s) models.

For mid and low gains, I mostly use captures from www.amalgamcaptures.com, so I cannot comment on the stock QA models here.


havent used them much!, ill try them out some more

Been through all of the amps multiple times and ended up settling on the Diezel VH4 Ch2 Bright for my main sound (boosted a lot). Our other guitarist is using the JCM800.

We previously ran an Orange Rockerverb and JCM2000 DSL respectively when we were using real amps, so this is similar but also a nice improvement.

Cabs wise, I was using the Orange PPC412 v3 before, but found a load of IRs online which I’ve switched to instead now.

The Diezel Herbert was pretty decent too, but was more CPU hungry.

I really wanted to contribute to this thread, but when I sat down at my QC to see which were some of my favs, I see that I don’t really have favorites/go-to’s. What appeals most to me about this realm is the variety, not duplicating real-world setups I’m accustomed to, but trying out everything I can. That’s not going to be everyone’s approach, but that seems to be how I’m doing it. I rarely use the same combo of amps/cabs over again.
I really think there’s not much in the QC that you can’t make sound good, it all just depends on the application. Try 'em all or you might miss something great


I captured my Marshall SL2555 first when i got the QC and still love this capture.
Its great for clean/crunch but also for lead when paired with the myth drive. (somehow an SD-1 on that capture sounds like a fuzz, which isn’t how the physical amp responds to an physical sd-1)
Maybe i’ll do a higher gain capture in the future.

As i’m mainly play in a Whitesnake Cover Band, my go to effects/amps are following:
-Clean: Bogner Uber Clean
-Everything else: Mesa Boogie IIC+ Capture
-whats in front of: legendary 87 comp, myth drive
-Cabs: A mix of a Jens Bogren IR and a GGD Goldstack IR
-After: i “think” the dual chorus, the Digital Stereo Delay and a Mind Hall Rever

  • i’ve added a EQ recently to make this preset sound more in your face and “fat” through a PA, which added that little extra imo. (otherwhise my bassist would complain because it sounded to flat :smiley: )

To me it sounds pretty decent! I’ve seperated my preset to 4 Scenes (Clean, Crunch, Lead, Solo) and the bottom row to stomp mode for reverb, the myth drive and delay)


awesome! i´ll check it out, have you got presets available on cortex cloud?

this is cool too, for me it would be too much time to test different amps every time i play, i´m more of a plug in and get going kind of guy so if you have any particular sound or combo you find interesting i´m always interested to hear!

I’ve shared the preset on my Cortex Cloud (ninuzzo). I’m actually not sure if it has my IR included. If you need it, you can hit me up, so i could share it to you.

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For my acoustic Piezo side, I use the Bogner Uber Clean. The Bogner is a little warmer than the Rols Jazz CH120. I also use a Lowden IR with it and get a killer acoustic guitar. For my mag pick up side I almost always use CA John’s 2C Ch1. I am a classic player who use’s alot of 70’s and 80’s music and these work for me 99% of the time.


Soldano and Johns Amp are my favorites… :grinning:
but I would like to explore some more amps


yeah! apparently theres gonna be matchless amps on the next update whenever that comes out

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for bass I often land on captures of noble preamps with just a pinch of gain
Sometimes is use a hi gain guitar amp for the treble side (relative) if I use parallel path.

Mesa lone star
Diezel Herbert
Seem to be versatile

I’m a lover of the Mesa lone star. Great full cleans and takes drive pedals fantastically for crunch and lead tones (OCD for crunch, stacked Klon and OCD for lead). For edge of breakup I run the Blues breaker into it. Sounds amazing to me.