Okay, what’s your preferred factory Amp/Capture and Cab for modern hard rock/metal tones on the QC?

I’ve had my unit for about a week now and keep going back and forth. Can’t decide which to use in my band. I guess I have option paralysis haha. Just curious what others are defaulting to? This is for factory presets only. Thanks for any advice!

For amps, I’m switching between EV101III Red, Solo 100 Lead and the PV 505Sig capture.
For a cab, I’ve just stuck with the 412 CA Trad A V30 ’92, since I’m used to my Mesa 4x12.

For cleans I’ve stuck with Rols Jazz CH120 paired with 212 US TWN C12Q 00s. I always have this in all of my presets for a clean/ambient scene.