Hardware Buttons deactivated after bootup

Hey everyone,

today after I booted my QC the hardware switches (footswitsches, volume wheel) didn’t react. I was still able to control the QC via touchscreen and the sound still worked normally.

After rebooting (the power button still worked) everything works normally again.

I’m wondering if anyone had simular issues with their unit.
I’m on CorOs 1.2.1.


Hi there, @nico2440443

Thanks for reaching out.

Was the QC connected to your computer via a USB when this happened? Were you using a USB hub (powered or not)?

Are you able to replicate the issue? If so, would you be able to send us a Report?

Please, open the Settings , then go to [Contact Us] > [Send Report] and tap the blue button .

Also, please email us your response and your Quad Cortex’s serial number to link the Report to this support ticket.

We’ll be waiting to hear more from you in our support channel. (support@neuraldsp.com)

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