Factory Preset Mystery.....help anyone?

Are factory presets somehow ‘different’ than user presets?

I took a factory preset “4H Dual Amps and Cabs” and copied every device one by one and saved them into a new USER preset of mine to essentially re-create the factory preset EXACTLY the same, but into a USER preset. Exact same order as the factory preset. By copying and pasting the devices, I can be sure the settings, scene parameters, etc are identical to the factory device settings.

When I did this and A/B’d the factory preset to my re-created user preset, the two sound quite different, even though all the devices, input and output settings, scene settings are identical to the factory preset. Something is clearly different behind the scenes for that factory preset - but I cannot for the life of me figure out why it sounds different.

You might ask why I didn’t just start with the factory preset and save it into a user preset and start from there. Well, that’s what I first did when I discovered that something was wonky with that preset that I couldn’t fix, so decided to start from scratch.
Something super strange happens on that 4H Dual Amps and Cabs factory preset.
Try it!
Load “4H Dual Amps and Cabs”.
Select scene “B” - You should hear stereo sound output.
Next, hold down the “Multi-Out” button of the LOWER lane until the lane output control pops up and select “Solo” (this SHOULD just play sound on the right channel, since this lane output is fully panned to the right)
When I do this, all sound output is muted completely.
BUT… I found that if you REMOVE/DELETE the lower amp cabinet in the bottom lane, the sound will then start coming through on the right channel again. Somehow just removing that cabinet lets sound pass again.

That’s when I decided to try to build up the preset from scratch device by device and end up with different sounding results.

Anyone have any idea what’s going on here?
This has me baffled, unless of course factory presets do things under the hood that are not possible with the same devices in a user preset…

have you looked at the MIXER settings; they change per scene. Select the split lane, tap on the pink M then cycle thru the scenes, you will see the levels change there


Aha! Thank you so much for this @xush . I thought I had double checked the splitter settings, but when you mentioned “MIXER” settings it suddenly clicked that I had realized I had indeed not checked the mixer side of the settings and that’s where the difference was!

Mystery solved. Thanks again.

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awesome! Glad it helped. It’s an often-overlooked area, I usually forget about it myself!