Confused about routing in QC

Hello guys. My first post in this forum.

I pulled the trigger and got the Quad Cortex a couple of days ago. When diving through the presets I got somewhat confused on the routing. I have tried to figure out whats going on for half an hour now, and hoped you guys could help me out since it’s probably a easy answer/solution. For example the 4F preset:

The preset has two instances of input 1 (Row 1 and 3). Both lines end in “Multi Out”. In my head that means that the signal is duplicated.

If I go to scene E and change the input on row 3 (to say USB input 5) . The preset is totally silent. Row 1 still show that it recieves a signal from input 1. I can turn on all the units/slots on Row 1, but still no sound. In other words, I ostensibly have a working signal path with input, all units turned on and output designated to multi out… but no sound.

If anyone could explain whats going on here It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

4F uses some hidden level settings to mute various lanes depending on what scenes you are selecting. Long press on the splitter to display the S and M nodes, then touch the M to display the mixer settings. Watch level A and B change as you cycle thru the scene switches by pressing the buttons. You’ll see them each zero out at some point, which essentially mutes that whole lane of the splitter feeding it.

There are many ways to mute rows and outputs and most are hidden unless you know where to look. (for example; Long-Press an Output block and you have the choice to ‘solo’ or mute that Output and this can be assigned PER SCENE) There’s also the option of changing the bypass state for blocks to ‘mute’ when you turn them off instead of (by)passing the signal thru.

“Multiout” only means that the specific lane will send its signal to ALL ouputs simultaneously. All 4 Lane/rows could be sending completely different signal chains to all the same outputs at the same time


Fantastic! Thank you so much for your help!

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This is really helpful - thank you! I haven’t messed around too much with dual amps chains (will be soon though!..), but I remember when I first got my QC I tired setting up one lane with say a dirt amp and another with a clean amp but I had the issue of hearing the dry signal when muting one of the amps using scenes* (my issue was of course that I was muting the block, rather than bypassing the signal through -or whichever one)
This is a really good feature, as rather than needing to use two lanes (room for effects blocks in the chain not withstanding…) you could just place a dirty amp black directly after a clean amp block and set which ever block to bypass or whatever when you want whichever one active.
I will need to try messing with the “multi-out” setting, as I’d imagine you could set one lane to output to to output 1 and another lane to Output 2 - if so, I plan to use this to either split the signal after an amp block > in to two separate cab block, each wih their own output blocks/IRs, so simulate micing up two different cab/speaker types and have in stereo (when playing through studio monitors etc) - could also have two different amp using their own unique cab block.

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