About expression pedals (once again)

Hi guys!
I’m pretty new to the forum and to the quad cortex (just got mine a couple of weeks ago).
I plan on replacing my old set of pedals after capturing them and have come to this dilemma.
My two options are …

Pedaltrain metro 20 + QC + 2 Dunlop DV5
Pedaltrain metro 16 + QC + Lehle dual expression.

So, as many of you are much more experienced with the unit , my question is …

Pro/cons of using a couple of expression pedals instead of a dual one? (Besides space)
What would you pick and why?

Thanks a lot in advance !!

PS : The 3 rigs I’m using live and that plan on replacing are:


Rig 1 : (acoustic) Guitar → Polytune 3 → pigtronix booster → LRBaggs Para Acoustic DI → PA

Rig 2: Guitar → Dunlop Wah → Skreddy Lunar Module Mini Fuzz → Polytune 3 → Diamond Comp → EH MicroPog → Fulltone OCD → 90’s Marshall Blues Breaker → Ernie Ball VP → Boss EQ200 → Empress Phaser → Empress VMSDelay → Amp

Rig 3: Guitar → Dunlop Wah → Polytune 3 → Fulltone OCD → Empress Phaser → Boss EQ200 → Amp

PS2: sorry if i was not able to explain myself with something , English is not my mother tongue.

it can be bothersome to switch in one pedal from volume and wah for example and the toggle configuration so if space is no issue id say always use 2 pedals since you can also reconfigure them to any parameter and maybe have one for volume or wah constantly and change the other one to whatever extra thing you need per preset

I have both. I like the throw and smoothness of the Lehle much better plus there’s nothing to wear out. Personally I’d get two even though it’s really expensive. If you’re going to use one side of the Dual as a volume exclusively, one option, which is what I did was to get the Dual Expression pedal and get the mono volume pedal too. That way if you just want to use a volume pedal for another situation you have that option. I’ve had many volume pedals over the years starting with a Sho-Bud back in the early 70’s and I feel that the Lehle is the best one I’ve ever used. As far as the Dual Expression pedal, as I stated before it has a much better feel than the Dunlop. I actually use it to control two separate modelers at the same time. That way I only need one pedal and I don’t have to plug and unplug it depending on which modeler I’m using.

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Thanks for your insights!
Don’t know if I am wrong … do you mean that I can use the mono as an expression pedal? Or is it just a standalone volume pedal?

No, you cannot use the Mono S volume pedal as an expression pedal. That said, it can be used inline from your guitar into whatever you want to plug it into or out of a pedalboard into the amp if it’s a mono output. As far as volume is concerned you will have much more control over the volume than you would with any expression pedal because it’s analog. I’ve tried it both ways, using the Dual Expression pedal as a volume control on the gain block and the Mono S pedal from my guitar into the QC. Using the expression pedal as a wah it’s not really apparent because the sweep of a wah is pretty limited in general. In that case there’s really no difference. I’ve tried it in comparison to my Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah and it’s really indiscernible.

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