Expression Pedal Behavior with Wah/Delay

I have 2 different Mission Pedals: one with a latching button and one without. I currently use 1 as a WAH with the shut off at the heel position and the other pedal is assigned to delay mix, with heel being 0% and toe being 50% mix. Is there anyway to consolidate this functionality into 1 pedal? Have the delay block default engaged and have the pedal control the mix, and the latching button in the pedal can turn delay block off and wah pedal on? I’ve gotten as far as being able to do exactly that, but when the wah is engaged, the potentiometer is not changing the wah parameters when rocking back and forth and I cannot figure out why

You can assign XP 2 for the switch to both blocks, and have it control the ‘bypass’ function only. Set the block bypasses in opposite states (1 off/1 on) You can’t use the auto-bypass of XP1 to auto-engage the wah if you do this though. You’ll need to assign XP1 to the ‘pedal’ funtions.
Here’s a template I made a while back that demonstrates the settings for wah/vol and vol/pitch-shift:

You can copy those settings for XP2 to use the toe-switch to toggle between any 2 fx, and XP1 to control the assignable pedal parameters. Hope this helps.


So XP1 is essentially the switch that toggles the blocks for Wah and Delay on/off, with them both having opposite states. As one goes on, the other goes goes off. So default across my scenes are delay block on/wah off. Latch switches toggles delay off, wah ON, parameters in XP are assigned to control the wah heel to toe travel?

in my case, XP2 is the switch (I think that’s how Mission designed it to operate, but I guess you could assign them in reverse) and toggles the fx bypass states. Set that XP to ‘switch’ in the menu and you should be good.

XP1 is the pedal throw, which should be assigned to whichever parameters you want to control, yes

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Thanks! Works gloriously

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